The Corporate – Mergers & Acquisitions team of BCTG Avocats provides advice and support to major French and international groups, as well as to small and medium-sized companies at each stage of their existence: founding, structuring, governance, growth and development, financing, sale and reorganization.

The firm’s in-depth knowledge of the specific economic and business fabric of France, in combination with its international expertise, enables BCTG Avocats to provide its customers with support for all their projects, whether in France or in international markets, including the handling of cross-border operations.


  • Company creation – shareholders’ agreements
  • Acquisition or sale of companies or holdings
  • Restructuring operations
  • Operations for capital investment (LBO, MBI, MBO, OBO) and capital development
  • Joint venture contracts
  • Establishment of French companies outside France
  • Legal monitoring throughout the life of the company

Our references

  • Assistance to an international consortium, comprised of a large French industrial group and two investment funds (one German, one British), for a major acquisition in the field of renewable energy resources in France.
  • Consulting and assistance to a French energy group in the buyout of shares in a Greek energy company, representing 98% of the company’s capital.
  • Consulting and assistance to a French international group active in the catering and air transport logistics sectors, in the context of several operations aimed at international expansion and the establishment of partnerships in Africa as well as in Asia.
  • Creation of the “production” division of a global French advertising and media consulting group – preparation of standard forms for production contracts.
  • Consulting and assistance to a French international group in an operation aimed at international expansion in Europe in the domain of logistics.
  • Consulting and assistance to an international group for its acquisition or sales operations for beverage distribution and/or manufacturing activity, in particular within the framework of a joint venture.
  • Consulting and assistance to a Scandinavian group in the sale of its French activities in sanitary equipment manufacturing and marketing to a Polish group.
  • Consulting and assistance to a Brazilian group in preparation for the subcontracting of certain supply and logistics services to a French company for the construction of a nuclear power plant in Brazil.
  • Consultig and assistance to a stock exchange listed French group for the sale of a Vietnamese luxury hotel chain to a foreign group.