The energy sector is in full expansion, fueled by growth in global needs, with an estimated 80% increase in demand by 2050. In light of the European Union's announced objective to reduce CO2 emissions and significantly increase the portion of renewable energy by 2020, and given the constantly evolving economic and legal framework, the necessity for energy transition is modifying the approaches and means of all those involved in the sector.

The stakeholders in this sector face several challenges, including complex and evolving regulations, integration in the environment and preserving the fauna and flora, local consent whilst at the same time ensuring supply and reducing overall energy costs.

In France, the draft law on energy transition demonstrates the determination of public authorities to “mobilize all stakeholders, both public and private, towards the expansion” of renewable energy, which now represents a major economic factor.

This industrial sector is experiencing rapid innovation. Certain technologies have reached industrial maturity, while research into new renewable energy resources (marine energy) and new technologies (floating wind turbines, concentrated solar power, etc.) is still developing. It is also energy production, reducing energy consumption must also be considered.

BCTG is one of the leading firms in the energy sector. With its unique interdisciplinary expertise, the firm provides strategic advice tailored to each type of project and to the specific needs of each stakeholder, including developers, producers, manufacturers and investors.


  • The ability to fully understand and rely on regulatory and pricing aspects in a constantly evolving legal framework
  • Define and adapt the applicable environmental constraints
  • New technologies for natural energy resources
  • Anticipate changes in business models with the transition from regulated electricity prices to market pricing
  • Adapt investment and financing transactions to specific aspects of the sector
  • Consideration of industrial factors related to project construction and operations
  • Securing property

Our expertise

BCTG assists its clients in the development, structuring, implementation, production, financing, operation and acquisition or sale of energy projects. With its expertise in public law (environment, urban planning, classified facilities, tariff regulations, connection to the grid), real estate law (real estate management, etc.), and private and corporate law (partnerships, agreements, mergers and acquisitions, etc.) as well as industrial partnerships, clients benefit from BCTG’s  cross-disciplinary know-how that covers a full range of issues.

In addition to its advisory activities, BCTG is involved in all phases of administrative and judicial disputes related to such projects.

BCTG is a member of the Syndicat des Energies Renouvelables (S.E.R.), the French renewable energy association, and is actively involved in its "Law and Regulations" committees.

Our clients

BCTG Avocats advises historic operators, major industrial groups, and small and medium-sized companies/industries, as well as new actors in France and/or abroad :

  • Energy producers

  • Project developers

  • Investors / investment funds

  • Production unit operators

  • Manufacturers