In order to sustain or develop their business and profit margins, industrials in the agri-food sector need to continuously apply innovative solutions that take into account production, supply, consumption and distribution constraints, as well as French and European regulations.
Key players and their products (national brands and distributor brand products) benefit from BCTG’s expertise and its thorough understanding of the sector.


  • Defining the manufacturer’s commercial policy
  • Managing the manufacturing-trade relationship (commercial contracts, sales promotions, supply contracts for brand products, e-commerce, etc.)
  • Consumer information (packaging, labels, newspaper and TV advertising, etc.)
  • Training client teams

Our expertise

BCTG advises industrial clients both in connection with their annual negotiations and throughout the execution of their contracts.
BCTG assists both French subsidiaries of international corporations as well as SMEs, in distribution, competition and consumer law.
BCTG works with industrial clients from “traditional” sectors as well as those from innovative sectors such as “organic” and “gluten free”.
BCTG provides training to the management and commercial teams to give them the legal tools they need and to ensure that competition rules are followed (compliance programs).

Our clients

  • International corporations that directly produce or resell agri-food products

  • SMEs that directly produce or resell agri-food products

  • Trade unions