The increase in world population and economic growth contrasted with the instability in certain regions of the world and the emergence of global competition, are significantly changing the way we approach the need for raw materials in industrial and logistical development. Securing and supplying raw materials, seeking greater flexibility, improved industrial competitiveness and control of the supply chain are all crucial issues. First of all, the effects of environmental, sanitary and social aspects, along with strengthened regulatory constraints, particularly in the European Union, are contributing to the complexity of legal issues. In addition, the necessary reorganization of the logistics sector which will allow companies to remain competitive, is expected to lead to alliances among market players. In this context, BCTG has developed legal services tailored to corporations in these sectors.


  • Securing supplies of raw materials
  • Environmental, sanitary and social considerations
  • Anticipating strengthened regulatory constraints
  • Industrial companies’ ability to adapt in the context of global competition
  • Reducing costs in the context of strong competition
  • Adapting the supply chain to environmental changes and regulatory constraints (such as in pharmaceutical logistics)
  • Risks related to the supply chain
  • Environmental footprint
  • The proliferation of disputes related to delivering services

Our expertise

BCTG assists both French and international clients in implementing industrial projects in coordination with their operational teams, and provides advice on environmental regulatory considerations. The BCTG teams advise logistics corporations in M&A and outsourcing transactions, in their contractual relationships and in connection with their disputes. The firm is involved in corporate aspects, negotiations, and the drafting and monitoring of industrial and commercial contracts. The firm’s public law team also advises clients, as needed, on regulatory issues.

Our clients

  • Agri-food Industries

  • Mechanical and Electronic Industries

  • Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries

  • Cosmetic Industries

  • Operators and Producers of Raw Materials

  • Logistics Companies

  • Industrial Companies