The Labor Law team at BCTG Avocats assists French and international companies and their managers in individual or collective employment relations.


Additionally, the Labor Law team, in collaboration with the Corporate unit, assists its clients in navigating the changes faced by companies, in particular restructuring and reorganization.


With its expertise, the team handles any litigation arising from social issues, and represents companies in litigation for collective economic layoffs as well as group litigation on questions of collective or individual status affecting a group (contract reclassification, work hours, hygiene and security, ...)


BCTG Avocats is commited to providing its customers with legal consulting and assistance that are both rapid and pragmatic, taking into account the economic concerns of the company and the constraints of labor law.


  • Contractual relations: employment contracts, individual pay and saving plans, international mobility, separation from senior managers.
  • Collective relations: relations with employee representative bodies and social administrations, information and consulting procedures, collective bargaining negotiations, collective bargaining agreements and company agreements, rules of procedure, codes of ethics, etc.
  • Social impacts of merger-acquisitions and company reorganizations : assistance for companies in consultations with employee representatives and in defining employment protection plans, business relocations, or outsourcing.
  • Individual and collective disputes: layoffs, discrimination, harassment, collective status, working conditions, pay, etc, before employment tribunals (“Prud’hommes”) and public authorities.
  • Psychosocial risks.

Our references

  • Consulting and assistance to a leading real estate investor in the post-acquisition harmonization of the management-labor relations of a company.
  • Reorganization of a large American sports equipment company: compilation of documents concerning the company’s new commercial and financial organization, negotiations pertaining to social partners, drafting of implementation documents.
  • Negotiation and development of a social plan following the closure of a subsidiary site of a leading electricity producer and supplier.
  • Defense in the case of a collective suit by 250 employees of a foreign electronic equipment manufacturer established in France to contest economic layoffs and reclassify temporary contracts as fixed-term contracts.
  • Defense of companies in legal actions brought by employees to obtain their reinstatement after annulment of their dismissal in a context of harassment.
  • Legal disputes relating to the application of member status of the electricity and gas industries (“IEG” in France – Inductries Electriques et Gazières).
  • Consulting and assistance for the implementation of labor law tools in an American company recently established in France.
  • Consulting and assistance to a company operating in the field of paperless IT services upon the departure of its principal salaried manager, including the end of contracts and withdrawal of capital.
  • Establishment of the tools necessary to prevent psychosocial risks in a Korean company operating in the telecommunications and technological products sector.

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