BCTG Avocats has widely recognized expertise in the support of urban planning or industrial projects requiring numerous authorizations or an environmental assessment.


In particular, the Public Business Law – Environment team has been assisting private companies (national and international energy groups, industrial groups, project developers and investors) for more than fifteen years in the domain of energy, in particular renewable energy (on-shore and off-shore wind power, photovoltaics, hydroelectric power, and biomass). 


The team advises or defends its clients in the various stages of their projects: development, implementation, operation, and dismantling.


BCTG Avocats also assists its clients in the transfer and implementation of all government procurement contracts and provides consulting in public competition law and public domain law, to ensure the successful completion of complex operations.

Acting both as consultant and legal counsel in litigation, the Public Business Law – Environment department assists its clients in determining their development strategy, in synergy with the other departments of the firm.


  • Urban planning law
  • Environmental law
  • Energy law
  • Public procurement law
  • Public domain
  • Mining law
  • Legislation governing French local and regional authorities
  • Administrative litigation

Our references

  • Daily assistance in the development of numerous wind farms and solar photovoltaic parks (ground or roof-mounted).
  • Disputes heard in the administrative and ordinary courts and before the French Standing Committee for Disputes and Sanctions (“CoRDIS”) – connection to grid.
  • Seller or buyer audits.
  • Legal counsel and litigation for off-shore wind power projects.
  • Negotiation of a contract with a local authority for the sale of heat generated by a cogeneration plant, before the awarding of a public service delegation contract for urban heating.
  • Assistance to our clients in publicity procedures and the associated competitive bidding and litigation (pre-contract or contractual referrals before administrative and ordinary courts, recourse for contesting the validity of contracts, etc.).
  • Assistance in the implementation of administrative contracts and litigation requiring legal expertise.
  • Drafting up and negotiation of contracts concerning the occupation or sub-occupation of property owned by public entities.
  • Litigation relating to the occupation of public sector property (e.g. eviction of unauthorized occupants, contesting writs of execution concerning public sector occupation fees, contesting illegally issued authorizations, etc.).

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