The commercial players in the Retail and Luxury sector are confronted with new challenges related to the development of their business in the context of a globalized economy and an increasingly dematerialized universe that is revolutionizing the practices and habits of both “B to B” and “B to C” commerce.

This unprecedented transition is forcing the major stakeholders in these sectors to adapt to new issues and challenges, such as new distribution systems, inflation of increasingly technical regulations, adapting products and services to “globalized” consumer tastes, and the high speed of transactions.

With solid experience in these sectors, BCTG assists it clients by providing them with legal support and tailored advisory services.​


  • Shift in consumption patterns and consumer behavior
  • Changing distribution channels and an increased share of e-commerce
  • Emergence of new markets (Asia, India, Eastern Europe, Brazil)
  • Necessary adjustments in the fight against counterfeiting when faced with highly structured international-scale networks
  • Legal protection of designs

Our expertise

BCTG has in-depth knowledge of the retail sector and its practices, and clients benefit from its recognized expertise at every stage of their business, from the creation and building value from assets (business capital, brand name, distinguishing features, etc.) to putting in place tailored distribution networks, and from the optimization of contractual relationships with industry partners (suppliers, distributors, etc.) and customers (professionals or consumers) to the developing compliant commercial policies and strategies. BCTG regularly represents its clients to defend their interests before relevant public authorities and in court.

Several well-known international brands have been longstanding clients of BCTG, and its lawyers are thoroughly aware of the issues major brands face, as well as the protection of designs and know-how, and the specific requirements of selective distribution networks. Clients regularly turn to BCTG to establish innovative partnerships and agreements in relation to new product creation.

Our clients

  • Groups in the luxury, cosmetics, clothing and accessories, lingerie, and jewelry sectors

  • Sports equipment manufacturers

  • Automotive equipment and services brands

  • Perfume brands

  • Dermo-cosmetic product laboratories