The combined effects of ceaseless technological innovations, accelerated market expectations and new national and European regulations are impacting the needs of telecom, media and digital players and call for the creation of new tools along with the development of new reflexes to ensure the legal security of projects, exchanges and transactions.

In the economic context of these fast-changing sectors, whose legal and regulatory aspects are increasingly technical, BCTG Avocats assists its clients with their projects and strategies on a daily basis. In fields such as e-commerce, marketplaces and social networks, development and protection of software, databases and IT solutions, telecommunication and networks, connected objects and applications, digital advertising and personal data collection, BCTG Avocats advises and supports its clients, whether they be providers of IT solutions, site or software publishers or companies engaged in a digitisation process or capitalising on data. Its scope of action covers a wide range of projects, particularly contracts, digital advertising and personal data. Both in consulting and in litigation, the firm intervenes from the design of digital projects through to their implementation.


  • The rapid and constant development of technologies and market needs
  • Increased risk of competition and fraud
  • Cultural and economic issues against a backdrop of increasing globalisation
  • Radical changes in information, communication and marketing methods
  • The protection of technological advances, know-how and data
  • E-reputation
  • Anticipating the risks of counterfeiting and unfair competition
  • Protection of the digital company, e-commerce and marketplaces
  • Support for companies in their digital transformation
  • Support for start-ups
  • Negotiation and drafting of computer, software and internet contracts
  • Legal advice on the implementation of solutions for processing personal data and compliance with regulations
  • Legal notices, Terms and Conditions and Terms of Use of websites, software, IT services
  • Legal advice and assistance in legal proceedings or before the supervisory authorities (CNIL – French data protection watchdog)

Our expertise

BCTG Avocats intervenes of behalf of major national or international accounts as well as start-ups. 
In the telecoms, advertising and media, communication, internet and publishing sectors, the specialised teams of BCTG Avocats meet the needs of clients with the kind of creativity and responsiveness which these sectors demand. Whether lending support on an innovative project or on matters related to the protection of innovations, the lawyers of BCTG Avocats ensure compliance with specific regulations in terms of digital solutions, use of digital tools, provision of services, personal data and the proper contractual formalisation of exchanges and partnerships. Fully up to speed on the latest market and advertising methods, the lawyers of BCTG Avocats work hand in hand with their clients on all legal issues related to digital advertising, intellectual property and the media.

Our clients

  • Top fashion and sports brands

  • Telecommunication and mobile phone operators

  • Website and social media publishers

  • Video game publisher

  • Manufacturers and distributors of equipment and technological products

  • Start-ups and service providers offering information and technology solutions

  • Service companies and e-commerce sites

  • Distribution and franchise networks

  • Pharmaceutical firms

  • Film production and distribution companies; music publishers

  • Communication consulting, actors’ agency

  • Online/offline marketing and advertising agencies